Sunday, March 29, 2015

Please visit

Please visit my campaign web site.   I am a candidate for Mississippi State Senate District 35.  I am not a well financed pick of the establishment.  I have to campaign on the cheep.

I still have some cards left over from the last time I ran for this same office.  All the info on the cards are still current except for the website address.  It had this blog address on the card.  I now have a real web site and a campaign Facebook page but I did not have those things when I had those cards printed.  I figured that because I still have access to this blog I would go ahead and use those cards.  I do not believe in waste.
I have been using this blog for a very long time.  I started it back before anybody ever heard of Facebook and a regular hosted web site required me to learn a lot of code.  I found it easier to build a blog using this blogspot site.  I used to use this blog to write about a lot of topics and it became a very well visited and commented on blog.  Some of the topics being discussed on this blog became a little too hot and I started getting a lot of spam comments.  I made a blog post about the Mendenhall Chief of Police being arrested for pedophilia and started getting hundreds of comments per hour which was a lot in the days before Facebook.  Some of the comments were way off subject and people started using my post to vent about other things and other people.  I decided to delete all of the old posts and limit comments.

I made a few more posts after that but not on a regular schedule.  Somewhere along the way I started using Facebook and abandoned this old blog.  I had actually forgot about it until I found those cards.  I am making this post to direct the people who found this site from my card to the more current sites.

One more thing:  With the new forms of social media available I will probably never again use this blog as my main way to communicate to the public, but keep watching it anyway.  I might from time to time post something new.   

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